How To Set Up Automatic Payouts Using PayPal on CollabPay

CollabPay uses ‘PayPal Payouts’ to pay collaborators automatically. Before we begin, you need to set up the following:

  1. A PayPal business account with sufficient funds for payments
  2. A confirmed identity, email, and bank account linked to your PayPal business account
  3. Permission from PayPal to use PayPal Payouts (follow the steps below to apply)

Using PayPal Payouts will also incur a $0.25 fee for each payout. These are PayPal fees and CollabPay is not in control of this.

Connecting CollabPay with PayPal for automated payments

To get your Paypal Client ID & Secret Key, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your PayPal using the developer tools

Login to the dev tools here

Step 2. Create the keys

Make sure you use “Live” mode & not Sandbox

  1. Go to ‘My Apps & Credentials
  2. Click on ‘Live
  3. Click ‘Create App

Step 3. Enter the name ‘CollabPay’

Step 4. Get your API keys from PayPal

  1. Get the Client ID & Secret Key from here

Applying for PayPal Payouts

You will need to apply to use PayPal Payouts for CollabPay automated payouts. Please go to this page to enable the setting.

1. Scroll down to here and click ‘Enable

2. Click ‘Contact us’ and apply for payouts

3. Contact

Scroll down and click ‘Contact us’. You can either choose to call or message them. PayPal will usually get back within a few hours and process your request.

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