How to Add a Custom Expense Deduction to a Collaborator Payout

how to add custom expense

To add an expense or a custom deduction to your Collaborator, you can do this on the Payouts level.

An example of this is when if you have ad spend with Meta ads or similar, you can add a custom spend to the Payout, so the Collaborator shares the cost with other Collaborators and the store owner.

Basically, the example below shows the ad spend was £15, but as the Collaborator is sharing the cost 50/50, they will be charged £7.50, and the store owner will be charged £7.50.

1. Go to “Payouts”

Go to CollabPay and go to your Payouts page.

go to payouts page

2. Choose a payout to add an expense to

Choose the payout that you want to add the cost deduction to.

choose a payout

3. Click the “Add Expense” button

Clicking the “Add Expense” button will allow you to add the expense to the payout, so it will deduct the price that you enter.

add expense button

4. Add your expense details & click “Save”

Make sure that you add the details on what the expense is about. Your Collaborator will see this in their Collaborator account, so they can understand why there is a deduction to their payout.

So please be informative on why you have done this, so your Collaborators are happy.

enter your expense details

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