Connect CollabPay to Shopify

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You can go direct to CollabPay on the Shopify app store, or you can follow the steps below: You will get a 7-day free trial with CollabPay. All billing is controlled by Shopify’s billing system. Your subscription is paid to Shopify.

Tax amounts

tax amounts

There are three options to choose from: Remove tax before revenue share takes place Enabling this setting will remove all tax amounts from the total before the calculations and share takes place. This means the store keeps all tax amounts to pay tax authorities. Collaborators do not receive any tax. Don’t remove tax Enabling this … Read more

Shipping amounts

shipping amounts

There are two options to choose from for this setting: Ignore shipping costs When this is enabled, the shipping costs are shared with the Collaborators at the same value as their percentage earnings. For example, if a Collaborator earns 50% of a physical product of $10, they will earn $5 of that sale. If the … Read more

How do the Gateway Costs Work?

How do the Gateway Costs Work?

Every payment gateway you use online takes a small fee for the transaction for their service. The Gateway costs work by allowing you to enter the transaction fee percentage and flat fee cost. For example, if your store uses Shopify Payments and PayPal as their payment gateways, you will be able to enter the costs … Read more

How to Use the Order Tags in CollabPay

How to Use the Order Tags in CollabPay

Enabling this setting only allows Collaborators to earn from orders that include the selected tags. If the order does not include any selected tags, no Collaborator will earn anything. The order tags need to be placed on the order before it is completed, not after. It’s really important that you understand this setting before using … Read more